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A recruitment collective that specialises in education, technology, compliance, warehousing, construction, marketing & sales.


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Talentia Group is a bold, dynamic group of recruitment companies specialising in education, technology, compliance, warehousing, construction, marketing & sales across the UK.

We strive for a better work environment for all

We’re human. Recruitment is about people, and so we’re all about relationships. That means no scripts, no jargon – just a vibrant, dynamic team of hard workers. We’re approachable, energetic and just the right amount of fun to breathe a fresh take on industry.

Want to be part of a new stage of recruitment without those draining metrics and un-achievable targets? 


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With divisions in various sectors, there is always room for growth!

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Every day we find new opportunities for people across the UK and beyond.

Bringing people together

Employment shapes the identity of all of us, therefore ensuring the right person for the right role is paramount. We ensure we provide the best support to all the candidates we assist, and have found opportunities since 2018 for…



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